Leading purveyor of crocheted bums. Handcrafted to give you joy.

Every creature includes a delicately sculpted bottom! Just turn it around and have a giggle. Stressed and on the go? Go ahead and squeeze the cheeks, and feel your worries melt away!

Mini Pugs

Cheerful slobbery pugs just got shrunk! Who doesn't love a little tongue sticking out?

Mini Frogs

A frog a day keeps the doctor at bay! Now you can bring your bootylicious friend wherever you go.

Mini Cats

Little vexxed guys, with hand-embroidered faces, tiny tails and a pair of cheeks of course!

Mini Pigs

Mini Pig

 They have a snout, a tiny curly tail and a generous booty. And have I mentioned? They're pink!

Mini Bunnies

What makes a bum even better? Why, a fluffy tail of course! That's a joy only a bunny can provide.

Seasonal Speci​​als

Every season calls for a special, whether that's an accessory or a brand new creature.

 Zuza Makes family started with these silly guys - a team of perky frogs with cheeks so round, one can only dream.

Spanning from long armed and long limbed Lanky Frogue, through long legged and stubby armed Tall Frogue, all the way to the shortest sibling - Short Frogue. Each one has a set of cheeks, cute little smile and sparkly eyes which stare into your soul!

​You can find out more or get your own bespoke froggy friend below:

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Each item is crocheted by hand and illustrated by myself. 


I meticulously stuff every booty just-so, to assure the best stress releasing properties,

Minimal Waste

I make sure to use up all of my scraps and only make what is needed.


Allow yourself to have a giggle! World is a scary place, we all deserve a good laugh.


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  • Custom orders available
  • Open 24/7


  • Local to Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • Squeeze the cheeks before you buy
  • Seasonal products available
  • Limited to shop opening hours


  • Limited to Scotland and North of England
  • Squeeze the cheeks and ask your questions
  • Runs of new and limited products
  • Operate on specific dates only